Piropos: A Taste of Argentina in Kansas City

Me with my milanesa at Piropos
Me with my milanesa at Piropos

After a long 16 hour drive, my mom and I finally made it to Kansas City. I’m just so glad to finally be back in this city and, this time, to have a chance to explore the many great restaurants and shops, museums and sports teams it houses.

My family decided to have a belated birthday celebration for me, so after hours of research, I decided that we should check out Piropos. This restaurant is in Northern Kansas City (with a great view of the skyline) and drew my attention, not because it’s on a million lists as one of the best restaurants in Kansas City (including USA Today’s), but because it’s an Argentine steakhouse.

One of the main things I’ve been missing from Argentina (aside from my host sister) has been the food. It’s so good. I especially miss getting empanadas delivered to my house all the time.

So, naturally, I picked this Argentine restaurant, and I was not disappointed. The food was fabulous. The restaurant offers a variety of empanadas, which we tried and loved. For my entrée, I ordered milanesa, a traditional Argentine dish (kind of like chicken fried steak).

The atmosphere of the restaurant was great too and so was the service. We showed up with around 10 people without a reservation, and they seated us immediately, even in the “party room” (Note: on Saturdays they open at 5 p.m., so if you want a reservation, call on Friday. Granted at 5:30, the restaurant wasn’t too crowded yet.). And I’d say my water never got lower than ¾ full before one of several young boys refilled my glass.

The atmosphere was very nice (fittingly, since the menu is kind of pricey), and parts of it made me feel like I was walking along the streets of Buenos Aires.

The restaurant name itself is very cute too, named after the Spanish word piropos that means to make a flirtatious remark. Each table even has cards that explain what a piropos is and provide examples (basically pretty cheesy pick-up lines).

Overall, it was a great experience, and I would definitely recommend it.




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