My Top 6 Apps for Travel

While traveling in Europe, I found some apps that I’ll never travel again without. It can be hard at times to find helpful travel apps, as there are so many, so I’ve put a list together of some of my favorites.

1. Triposo

Once I found Triposo, my travels became so much easier. Triposo has maps of anywhere you could dream of that you can download and use without Wi-Fi (something that’s harder to find than a unicorn while in Europe). This in and of itself isn’t unique, as many other apps do this. What makes Triposo special is that you can actually search the map and it can even show you where you are in the city at the time and provide you directions. Looking for a bite to eat nearby? Never fear Triposo can show you all the restaurants and cafes near you, with ratings and descriptions of them too! Bored and looking for something to do or see? Triposo has tons of suggestions for you! Don’t know how to say “Where’s the restroom?” in French? Triposo’s got you covered with tons of words and phrases in the local language paired with phonetic spellings to help you out. I’ll never travel again without this app, and once you start using it, I don’t think you’ll travel without it either!

One section of the Hostelworld app, showing my previous bookings (I would recommend all of these hostels by the way).

 2. Hostelworld

While traveling so much around Europe, it can be difficult to keep track of all the hostels you’ve booked and their information. The Hostelworld app comes in handy, as it organizes all of your future bookings in one place, where you can then find information such as your payment due upon arrival, contact information for the hostel, and your arrival time. You can also view past bookings or make bookings via the app, which can come in handy.

The Yelp app home page

 3. Yelp

I know, this one isn’t much of a surprise, but Yelp always comes in handy for finding a good bite to eat or reading a little more about a restaurant before you go.

The Degrees app – scroll up or down on either side to convert the temperature measurement

4. Degrees – Celsius & Fahrenheit Converter

For all of you Americans out there used to using Fahrenheit, I’m sure Celsius is somewhat of a foreign language to you too. Even after spending four months in Europe, I still had no idea how cold or hot it really was by looking at the Celsius temperatures, which is why I used this app to convert them to Fahrenheit.

Convert to and from any currency with this app.

5. XE Currency

Similar to the issue of temperature, money can be somewhat confusing or completely mind boggling while abroad. I used this app to figure out the currency conversion rates.

Just some of the top podcasts right now

6. Podcasts

If you’re traveling frequently, then podcasts are the perfect entertainment for that plane, train, or automobile ride. I was never much of a podcast listener, but once my friends told me about them I fell in love. I mean, podcasts are basically TV shows without visuals that you can download for free. Imagine a) if Netflix was free and b) if Netflix let you download episodes to watch. That’s basically a podcast except without the visuals. And there are topics and genres for everyone too. I’ve personally enjoyed listening to Serial, a podcast that covers a different and controversial or convoluted court case each season; Extra Pack of Peanuts Travel Podcast, a podcast full of travel tips and tricks; and others.

So, there you go. These are some of my favorite apps that I used while traveling to 2 different continents, 10 different countries and 23 cities all in four months.

Happy travels,



What apps do you like to use while traveling? I’d love to hear about some of your favorites, and maybe I’ll try them out in some of my future travels!



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