The Quintessential Chapel Hill: 10 Must Sees for Your Visit

21 Paths Whitaker

In my graphic design class, I just finished up with this project and thought I’d share it with you. Chapel Hill is a beautiful place full of beautiful sights and fun things to do. If you’re visiting UNC’s campus or the town of Chapel Hill, here’s my list of ten places you have to go!

Sutton’s (est. 1923)

Sutton’s has been around longer than even the Carolina Inn. Since its establishment in 1923, this former drug store has been a longtime favorite of students and locals. It’s a humble atmosphere with great food at cheap prices.

He’s Not Here (est. 1972)

“Home of the Blue Cup,” a large Carolina blue cup filled with beer, this bar is beloved by students and alumni alike for its relaxed atmosphere and school spirit. 

Yogurt Pump (est. 1982)

Students have been loving this frozen yogurt hub ever since its opening. It’s quaint, it’s cheap, and their fro-yo is delicious. Save ten receipts, and you’ll get a free fro-yo!

The Carolina Inn (est. 1924)

There’s something to be said about this charming hotel located in the heart of campus. Enjoy a stay at the inn, have tea, or visit the hotel for live music and food on “Fridays on the Front Porch,” held every Friday in the spring and summer months.

Old Well

Once the only source of water for the university, the Old Well has since become one of UNC’s most recognizable icons. Legend has it that if you drink from its fountain on the first day of class, you’ll get straight A’s!

The Arboretum

Take a break from walking around campus and relax in one of the most serene and beautiful parts of the campus.

Wilson Library

While Wilson tends not to attract many students to study there, it is the oldest current library on campus and home to many interesting exhibits and collections. Not to mention, this beautiful and historic building has somewhat of a Harry Potter vibe.

 Bell Tower

You can’t visit Chapel Hill without visiting the Bell Tower, probably the second most iconic location on campus after the Old Well. If you can get exclusive access, you’ll find that inside the tower are many names of all the UNC alumni – seniors wait in line for hours every year to leave their mark on the tower’s walls.

Dean Dome

See where UNC’s legendary athletes play ball. 

Basketball Museum

A visit to Chapel Hill wouldn’t be complete without visiting the basketball museum, home to old jerseys, rings, trophies and all sorts of sports memorabilia, this museum rounds out a visit to UNC, home of one of the best basketball teams in the world.








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