Why You Should Always say “Yes” to Travel

There are times in your life where you’ll be presented travel opportunities that you might not always be interested in. But I’m writing this post to tell you that whether you’re interested in the opportunity or not, whether you think it comes at a good time or not, you should always say “yes” to travel. It might not be the top place you want to go, or you might have some excuses or reasons in your head for why you shouldn’t go. But the thing is, you might never have this opportunity again.

In one of my previous posts, I talked about why now is the time to travel. Saying “yes” is part of this too. You can always make excuses for why you shouldn’t do something. But jumping in and doing everything you can to try a new experience when it’s presented to you is so important. To really grow as a person and to live life, you have to say, “yes” and take chances.

I could go on and on about the benefits of traveling to new places, and this 100% includes places that may not be on your radar.

I remember, for example, when an Argentine woman came to my Spanish classes every year in high school, and many of my fellow students didn’t seem to take it seriously. When I reached my senior year of high school, however, I finally realized what an opportunity it would be to live with an Argentine family for a month – an opportunity I’d never have in my life again. So I said, “yes.”

Even this past weekend, I traveled to West Virginia to visit my boyfriend. West Virginia isn’t particularly at the top of my travel list, but with him working there, I had to say “yes” to visiting him a few times. How can I not take advantage of this opportunity to see someplace new and to learn about a different part of the world and also myself?

So the next time your friend asks you to take a day trip to that hiking spot a few hours away, say, “yes.”

When your boss asks you to spend a month in China for work, say, “yes.”

If you’re significant other asks you if you want to travel to a weird museum, say “yes.”

Traveling anywhere is such a great experience, so you should jump on every opportunity. Traveling to places that haven’t been on your radar can even be a better experience. There’s nothing quite like being in the vulnerable position of being somewhere that you know nothing about. When you do that, you learn so much about the world and about yourself. You grow so much, and you’ll certainly be thankful for that later in life.

So say, “yes.”

What travel experiences were you glad to have said “yes” to? Please share in the comments below!


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