7 Travel Hacks to Make Flying Easier

Flying is definitely a pain at times, but if you do it the right way, it can be pretty smooth. Today I’m flying to London, so I thought this post seemed fitting. Here are my tips to make your flight as painless as possible.

Pack light.

Carry on only if you can manage. Packing way too much stuff is unnecessary and makes flying so much more stressful. Not only does it make it difficult to walk around, but it can also make layovers less stressful. If you carry on only, it makes the process so much easier. For tips on packing light for a long trip, check out my packing list for my four month study abroad program.

Download podcasts and music.

I had never discovered the magic of podcasts until I was studying abroad and flying all over Europe every weekend. Imagine if you could download Netflix episodes and listen to them anytime anywhere? That’s basically the magic of podcasts, except of course they’re audio only. Some of my favorites include Serial, This American Life, Stuff You Missed in History Class and the Extra Pack of Peanuts travel podcast. Having a good playlist can help as well. I personally love using Spotify so that I can download as much music as I want.

Sit in the aisle (for longer flights).

For a long flight, you’re going to want easy access to the aisle. You don’t want to be jumping over strangers to go to the bathroom.

Bring a scarf.

I love bringing scarves on planes. It’s perfect for using as a pillow or a blanket if needed. And when the flight lands, you don’t have to worry about putting it up anywhere because it’s already serving as a cute accessory.

If the flight leaves in the late evening, eat beforehand.

You’re going to want to try to get some sleep on the plane. Depending on where you’re going, you might want to get to sleep as soon as you can. If you’re flight, for example is leaving at 9 p.m. for Spain (3 a.m. Spanish time), then you will want to eat ahead of time and get to bed ASAP on that plane. You don’t want to stay awake longer to wait and eat the meal.

Before you leave, figure out how to get from the airport.

Airports can be confusing. After a long flight, especially, you’re going to be a little extra disoriented. Figure out how to get to and from the airport ahead of time, and write it down. I personally like to make a sheet for myself with this information as well as things to do and where to eat in the area. Keep this sheet on you in an easily accessible place at all times, and it will make the process so much easier.

When fighting jetlag, walk around.

The worst thing you can do while fighting jetlag is to go to sleep or to do something boring or with limited movement involved. One of the worst mistakes I ever made was trying to fight jetlag while going to a huge art museum in Madrid. It made me feel so much more tired. Instead, fight jetlag by walking around and exploring your new city. Eating a little food doesn’t hurt either.

There you go! Those are some of my tips. Hope these can help you on your next flight.


What are your tips for making flights less stressful? Please share in the comments below!


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