Visiting Chapel Hill: Parking, Food and Drinks, part 2

In my last post, I shared tips on parking in Chapel Hill and one some of the best food in town. Here, I’ll continue with tips on the best bars in Chapel Hill as well as more great food options. For more information on things to do in Chapel Hill, check out my post on The Quintessential Chapel Hill: 10 Must Sees for Your Visit.


You can’t go to Chapel Hill without visiting these quintessential bars.

One of the famous “blue cups” at He’s Not Here (a.k.a. He’s Not)

He’s Not Here

No visit to Chapel Hill would be complete without a visit to this favorite establishment. Chase Rice even mentions this bar in his song “Carolina Can.” This bar, known for its “blue cups,” Carolina blue cups that fit about 2.5 beers, has a great outdoor atmosphere and college vibe. While popular among college students, you’ll often see alumni and parents here as well. It’s a favorite among all and will certainly bring you back to your college days. Additionally, He’s Not is also just one of those great relaxing bars that you can go to at any time wearing anything. It’s definitely the #1 place to visit on Franklin Street. (Pro tip: Call it “He’s Not” to sound like a local).

Top of the Hill

I mentioned Top of the Hill a bit in my last post in reference to its food, but it’s also a great bar and a great place to get a local beer or a Kansas City ice water! Read more here.


Another great Chapel Hill bar, Goodfellows is known for its many LIT flavors and pickleback shots. It’s also home to great dancing and is a fairly popular local spot.

The famous loaded sweet potato tots at Linda’s


I also mentioned Linda’s in my last post for its fabulous loaded tots and fries. I also love Linda’s for its beer! The bar always has a fantastic selection of different beers, and often has many local brews. Linda’s has a very relaxed atmosphere, which makes it a great place to grab a beer and talk with friends.

Honorable Mentions

While the bars listed above and the restaurants listed in my last post are some of the classics in town, there are tons of great options. Check out this list for more favorite local eats and drinks.

Al’s Burger Shack

You can never go wrong with a burger and fries at this place. It’s home to some of the best food in town. The inside is small, so I’d recommend grabbing it to go or enjoying it on a nice day.

TRU Deli and Wine

TRU has such a great atmosphere. It’s upscale yet casual and relaxing at the same time. It’s a great place to enjoy a sandwich or drinks with friends or to even study or get some work done. The bar also has great specials every day of the week.


Many locals say this is the best Mexican food in town. If you’re looking for something different, try the sweet potato burrito.

Tacos from the Tacos el Niño food truck

Taco el Niño

Another great way to get Mexican food in the Chapel Hill/Carrboro area is to find one of the taco trucks in town. I’d recommend Taco el Niño, located off Merritt Mill Road near Franklin Street.

Sup Dogs

I wouldn’t say that the food at Sup Dogs is my favorite, but it’s not bad, and more than anything, Sup Dogs has a great atmosphere. It’s has a fun beachy vibe to it that I enjoy, and it’s also a great place to watch sporting events. It’s known for its many hot dogs, but it has great drinks as well.


This empanadas restaurant is amazing. After traveling to Argentina and falling in love with empanadas, I was excited when this restaurant came to town. It’s also home to some great drinks like various flavored mojitos and margaritas.

Country Fried Duck

This newer bar in town makes for a great place to get cheap drinks and to go dancing. Sometimes the bar even has a mechanical bull that patrons can ride.

There you have it! That’s the end of my list of tips on parking, food and drinks in Chapel Hill. Don’t forget to read part 1 of the list if you haven’t already.

Where do you park, eat and drink in Chapel Hill? Please share in the comments below!


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