What it’s Like to Travel Internationally with your Significant Other for the First Time

Taking a big trip with your significant other is always so exciting, but it can be challenging too, especially if you’ve never traveled together before. Traveling long distances and into foreign countries is an exhausting and sometimes frustrating experience that will show both you and your significant other at both their best and their worst. For those who have never traveled extensively with their significant other before, it’s certainly a test for the relationship.

I took my first major trip with Jared, my boyfriend, last year when we went to Thailand and Cambodia for a month together. I will say that we had taken some smaller trips together before and had visited each other while apart in our long distance relationship, but this trip to Thailand was like nothing we had ever done before, even individually. Here are some things I learned while traveling extensively with Jared for the first time:Read More »


Why I Chose to Travel to the Other Side of the World Before Starting my Career

My career has always been top of my mind. I spent my school years running social media and planning events, and I spent my summers in chilly office buildings at various internships. As my four years came to a close and college graduation came closer and closer, I naturally started applying to public relations jobs in Washington, D.C.Read More »

Why Studying in Madrid or Barcelona won’t give you an Authentic Spanish Experience

Don’t get me wrong. Madrid and Barcelona are both very cool cities, both of which would be great places to live. But if you’re looking to study abroad and truly get to know Spanish culture, then you might want to reconsider these cities.

If you were studying abroad in the United States, would you go to New York City for an authentic American experience?Read More »