How Going to Rome Showed me that Sevilla’s Becoming Home

The beautiful Colosseum in Rome, Italy
The beautiful Colosseum in Rome, Italy

This past weekend I took my first trip outside of Spain (well, aside from Gibraltar) and traveled to Rome, Italy with two of my friends. While I did enjoy Rome, going to this city really showed me that Sevilla is starting to feel like home. Here’s why:

1. I felt so lost not knowing Italian.

Every time I walked into a store or restaurant, my first instinct was to say “Hola, ¿Cómo estás?” But then I realized that they speak Italian in Rome, not Spanish and not English either (while many know some of both, Italian is definitely the main language). I felt very limited by only knowing ciao and grazie (and half the time I questioned my pronunciation of grazie). This is when I realized how comfortable I’m getting with my Spanish.

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