Visiting Chapel Hill: Parking, Food and Drinks, part 2

In my last post, I shared tips on parking in Chapel Hill and one some of the best food in town. Here, I’ll continue with tips on the best bars in Chapel Hill as well as more great food options. For more information on things to do in Chapel Hill, check out my post on The Quintessential Chapel Hill: 10 Must Sees for Your Visit.Read More »


Visiting Chapel Hill: Parking, Food and Drinks, part 1

While I may be a little biased as a UNC student, I’d say that if you’re ever in the area, you have to stop by Chapel Hill. They don’t call it the southern part of heaven for nothing. This college town is full of charm, history, beauty and fun, making it a great place to visit, whether for a basketball game or just to walk around. If you’re thinking about visiting, read more on what you need to know about parking, food and drinks:Read More »

11 Adventures in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has to be one of the cutest cities I’ve ever visited. There’s just this whole feeling in the air as you walk around that city. It reminds me of feelings I’ve gotten walking around Disney World or Paris or Dublin – you can just feel this excitement seep into you and give you life as you explore this place that feels like a completely new world. So whether you’re going to Edinburgh or thinking about it, here are some things to do in the city:Read More »

Why Studying in Madrid or Barcelona won’t give you an Authentic Spanish Experience

Don’t get me wrong. Madrid and Barcelona are both very cool cities, both of which would be great places to live. But if you’re looking to study abroad and truly get to know Spanish culture, then you might want to reconsider these cities.

If you were studying abroad in the United States, would you go to New York City for an authentic American experience?Read More »